Where to Buy Cheap American Girl Doll Clothes

As every little girl knows, American Girl is a line of dolls roughly 18-inches in height. Portrayed as girls at around ten years old, the American Girl line features the dolls as individuals living in various time lines in American history. The dolls come in different skin colors and hair colors to cover a large spectrum of ethnicities. The girls are also provided detailed and entertaining back stories courtesy of the books that come with them at purchase.
Currently though, Pleasant Company, the firm that market the product have expanded the line. Not only do these dolls represent periods of American history but also provide contemporary concepts. Dozens of doll types are currently out in the market, providing a wider array of choices for little girls who want their own American Girl doll.Clothes and AccessoriesIt should be noted that the exquisite quality in these dolls are not the only reasons why they are such a big hit. With a little girl’s penchant for dressing up their dolls for various occasions, the American Girl (AG) line provides a wide range of clothes to choose from. These clothes can be bought separately and includes contemporary clothes from stylish pajamas to ballerina tutus. Even the AG dolls being produced every year change the clothes they are wearing in accordance to the fashion for that year. The disadvantage though is these original clothes and accessories can be expensive.DO IT YOURSELFCreating your own doll clothes is always a good option if you want to learn how to sew. This can boost your creativity and imagination. This ensures that your doll is wearing unique clothes – designed and produced entirely by you. Not to mention the fact that they are definitely less expensive than the clothes being sold at the official website. Even better is there are websites like Liberty Jane that sells sewing pattern for dolls that are affordable and very friendly for beginner sewer. There are also books that you can purchase which teaches you how to sew for 18 inch dolls, Joan Hinds’ books are the most recommended one of all.Cheaper clothes specially made for American Girl dolls are also available through Amazon. In comparison, you’ll find a set of pajamas at the official website costing at $24. On the other hand, pajamas with slippers in Amazon are only priced at $18. Other clothes include sportswear, casual, parties and practically every other fashion style for any occasion. Shoes, hats, bags and other accessories are also available cheaper in Amazon compared to the official website. There are also other manufacturers of cheap yet pretty clothes for AG dolls like Emily Rose, Silly Monkey, and Pink Planet They are worth checking out.The wide array of choices for AG clothes makes it possible for little kids to choose the best one that suits their taste. In fact, they might even find doll clothes that are of the same style and colors are theirs. This would definitely be a source of enjoyment, creating fun and unique items for your toy.American Girl dolls are something every little girl will appreciate and enjoy through their growing years. Considering how much little girls love toys and how much they want to dress them up, it isn’t surprising that this toy is one of the most appreciated items in the gift list. Larger than the usual Barbie, American Girl dolls would give your princess endless hours of fun.

Ski Jackets and Accessories – A Must for Any Ski Trip

It is winter time again and a ski trip is one of the most popular activities for everyone. Planning for trips on the snowy mountains comes as early as autumn. Gathering materials needed for the ski trip is a must. Some of the things needed for the ski trip are ski jackets, head beanies, ear muffs, hand mitts, goggles, skis, and boards.One must consider the importance of the things needed for the trip. For example, a ski jacket must be comfortable for the wearer. Imagine long trips down the mountain and having to wear an ill-fitting jacket, that would surely take the fun out of the trip. Inability to maneuver tight turns during skiing could mean mishaps, so ski jackets should enable the wearer to move freely. A brightly colored ski jacket is also important so that you do not blend with the surroundings. It would also make you stand out from the crowd.Head beanies are also an important accessory to bring during a ski trip. Not only will it keep your head and ears warm, it would also increase your visibility by keeping the hair out of your eyes. Ski goggles are crucial in your apparel, to prevent snow and wind from blasting into your eyes, again increasing the visibility of your path. Ear muffs can be worn in any color, not only as an accessory but also to prevent wind and cold from damaging your ears, preventing frostbite. Hand mitts or mittens are necessary to keep your fingers from being damaged by the cold. An appropriate mitten should be one that keeps your hands warm, but comfortable enough to let your fingers move freely.You should also take into consideration if you want to bring skis or snow boards during your ski trip. If you are a fan of cross country skiing of free style skiing, then it is good to bring your skis during your trip. Most resorts already have trails and drops which you can follow. What is important is you choose a slope which is best suited to your skill level. If you are a first time skier, there are a number of ski instructors who would be glad to be of help during this time.For those who are the adventurous type and would like to follow the popular trends, then snowboarding is the sport for you. It has been widely popularized by the advent of the X-Games, and mostly teenagers and young adults are into this type of sport. With the enormous number of daredevil stunts that snowboarders can pull off, it is thus important that their gears be of top condition to prevent accidents.Of course, all of these would not be possible if you do not have the suitable budget for this event. It is important to call and make reservations ahead of time, and to make sure that the prices for the accommodation, food, and other activities are well within your reach. Ask for group discounts if you are planning to go on a trip with family members or friends. Happy skiing!